Category: Clothes

Style in my nerdwear

I like a good nerdy t-shirt. Unfortunately they are done usually with the graphic on the front in a really boxy format. Neither of which looks or feels good to wear. So I paired a R2 Shirt with a navy blue t-shirt of approximately the same weight to create a mash-up that was more fun …

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Quicky summer sundress

When I made this one it felt totally like cheating. I used the pre-shirred fabric from Joann’s I got on sale. I couldn’t find a snapshot on the site but basically it was this but in the black and white pattern.   I used my dress dummy to fit the fabric creating the dress with …

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Elvis is in the building

After attending a workshop at the Rock Paper Scissors collective I used essentially the same technique but instead of starting with a hand drawing I started with an illustration and a laser cutter. Equipment laster cutter flash heater mylar screen spray adhesive Permanent spray adhesive squeegee ink cardboard or wood plank Plastic spoons Paper towels   Prep: Clean your …

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