Bay Area Distribution of DIY PPE Gear

UPDATE!!! The content below is now out of date and has been replaced with the Bay Area Mask Making and Distribution Project

We are working on getting a list of places with addresses and contact information. The recommendation from some of the frontline healthcare workers I know are as follows.

Before drop off please consider the source. Many carriers are asymptomatic. You can have it and not know it and be doing more harm than good. 

Best: Places with proper healthcare laundering facilities!

Good: If it is not possible to deliver to a location with proper laundry facilities please place clean gear in a dated plastic bag, date the bag and drop of at locations with the recommendation to wait 14 days from the date on the bag to use the gear OR sanitize before use.

The best places for these DIY supplies are the front line locations for the pandemic including:

  • Skill Nursing Facilities
  • Any homeless shelters
  • Any people serving the homeless
  • Assisted Living Home
  • Dialysis and Blood Labs

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