The artist plaque in the Oakland Museum of Californa

Building and delivering The Gift-o-Matic

So the big project I had been working on before the fire was the Gift-o-Matic. A 900 square-foot interactive area in the Oakland Museum of California. This work was commissioned by OMCA as part of the No Spectators: The Art of Burningman exhibition.

This was build in total burning man style by an amazing crew and community support. Special thanks go out to my OMCA partners Penny Jennings, Rene Levesque, and Peggy Monahan. OMCA was just great to work with.

The attendance for the exhibit was over 120k and the rough estimates were over 80k interactions with the Gift-o-Matic. Both numbers well over expectations.

Below is the image gallery of the project from sketch right to the very last day.

sketch of Gift-o-Matic with woman for scale.
This sketch shows the relative scale intended for the Gift-o-Matic
Concept sketch for Gift-o-Matic
Concept sketch for gGift-o-Matic gift intake and vetting
Concept sketch for gift containers
Concept Sketch for “Moop” gift container baskets
Dr. Shiny and Clm working on the Base of the machine
Glitter epoxy tests.. results. More glitter
Colm testing the handle and axel movement
Base with cardboard mock-ups of face
Cardboard prototypes of the gift horn
Ben painting signage and panels
Bob adding the first layer of color to Moop basket stands
The louge sign being built
lasercut header signage mid fabrication
Dr. Shiny peeking through the front panel
working on environmental art for the Give Yourself the Gift of Chill Lounge
The very first build in the studio of the complete Gift-o-Matic
Dr Shiny working on the shoot that delivers gifts
Jesse M. after the first electronics installation
Moop basket stand letters in progress… laser cut wood
Moop basket stand faces
Dr. Shiny, Crafty and Liz on install day.
The artist plaque in the Oakland Museum of Californa
The Gift-o-Matic gift making area
Liz on opening night filling the hopper.
Close up of the finished signage… it orbs rainbows.
Awesome community volunteers making gifts in the studio
Gift pendants after gift making open studio. I love bees.
Gifts! In the 4 inch gift balls
Calavera gift pendant
Create hear signage in the gift making area showing the custom table wells
View of the Gift-o-Matic area from the lounge
Pendants on the laser bed
Mini-Masterpieces… on of many interactive gift making projects
Just an average weekend at the Gift-o-Matic in the No Spectator exhibit
what is a gift?
Jackalope pendant
Amazing Art by Liz Patrician donated to the Gift-o-Matic
Front view the the Take One Signage
More laser cut pendants… traditional chinese flower for lunar new year.
View of the Gift-o-Matic area from the main gallery
Renee G. with her amazing dino jewelry. An interactive Gift-o-Matic project.
Gift making stations
Hand dyed laser cut leather patches… an interactive project done at Gift-o-Matic
Hand dyed laser cut oak pendants… an interactive project done at Gift-o-Matic
Dino jewelry. An interactive Gift-o-Matic project.

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