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Mask and PPE Patterns

UPDATE!!! The content below is now out of date and has been replaced with the Bay Area Mask Making and Distribution Project

This is the place I will be posting patterns for personal protective equipment including Masks, Gowns, Booties and so on.

Disclaimer: These masks do not replace N95 masks. But are better than nothing and when made and worn correctly can get 65% – 85% of the particulate. This effort is to provide the most vulnerable in our population an option as shortages mean then have no other. This will free up proper PPE for Healthcare workers… because without them nothing else will matter. More from the CDC

Last Updated: March 20, 2020 – Links unvested… sewing begins tomorrow.


  • Shaped –
  • Shaped –
  • Basic –
  • This one might be better for personal use as the wire fabrication is a bit intense. – k

We are thinking of going with 3 types, all sewing out of cotton and using elastic or cotton straps

  1. Basic 2 layer surgical mask, head straps not ear straps, no pocket
  2. Shaped Mask with a pocket for disposable filter material, head straps – a modified version of this design
  3. N95 Covers for healthcare workers – Based on this design

As of 3-21-20 we are looking for contacts at local healthcare institutions to help us validate the best kind to make.