Hack Your Clothes T-shirts: Fit + Hack


This workshop is part of the Sewing and textile Open Lab series currently held at Ace Monster Toys in Oakland. See the Events Calendar for more information about individual labs.

Duration: 3+ hours

The clothing hacks and general approach in this work shop is designed to work with real bodies in the real world… celebrate what ya got! Hack your t-shirt, make that pair of pants fit. Turn that beloved but worn old coat into something awesome you can use again. This workshop is an hands on exploration of what it takes to make your clothes useful and comfortable again.

Bring your projects and garments that you would like to work on. Also with the demonstrations of some more fun clothing hacks there will be time for us to work on individual projects as well.

This workshop is Free! But you do need to book your space below as we have limited room. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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