Illustrator Symbol Library for Adafruit Components

When working with components on more than a 2D plane, I often need to sketch out my circuits and component orientation. I made myself a little Adobe Illustrator symbol library with a subset of the sewable components and common batteries from These sketches are less about being spot on technical diagrams and more about being a prototyping tool so that I can play with form factor ideas faster and have less errors in my sew circuits.

Components in the library include front and back view of:

  • 3-Pin JST Wiring Adapter
  • Gemma
  • LiPoly Batteries (2)
  • Coin cell battery holder
  • Flora NeoPixel
  • FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor

Download the useful library.

If folks like it I can clean up the other half dozen components and expand the library.


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