Puppy Print PJ’s

So a good friend of mine loves dogs… and I had a gift giving occasion and this awesome cotton flannel with puppies printed all over it. Lounge wear was so the way to go. I used McCalls M6252¬†pattern but really didn’t follow the instructions ’cause well they were pj pants.

Before I started I traced the correct size of pattern for my friend and lengthened them cause she is tall.

These are all the things I used to make these pants. Some like a sewing machine is not negotiable but the rest are just the things I have in my studio.

  • Juki Serger
  • Singer Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape and rulers
  • Tailors chalk
  • Inexpensive tracing paper/pencils
  • Fabric weights (really just giant washers)
  • Iron
  • Elastic
  • Cotton Flannel fabric

And here is how I made them.

Puppy flannel fabric layed out
Step 1 was making sure I layed out the pattern so that all the dogs were right side up. Folding the fabric the wrong way would have been a mistake.
pattern pieces layed out
When laying out the fabric pattern pieces I used giant washers as weights to keep everything in place while I traced the pieces with tailors chalk before cutting.
Fabric with serger sewing machine
After cutting out the pieces I used a Juki serger set to sew the pieces togeher. I sewed the back but seam first then the matching front seam.
Sewing with pink thread
This is the wide 3 thread overlock stitch I used.
Inside out jammie leg with serged edges.
After sewing the front and back seams I matched up the pants legs and sewed the legs closed. I also make sure to serge the opening of the legs and waist to make hemming easier.
Inside out pants with iron showing hem pressing
Using a basic steam iron set for cotton. I pressed a three-quarter inch hem on the legs and a one and a quarter hem on the waist.
Button holes
Using a regular singer sewing machine, The first thing I did was sew two button holes on the front of the pants under the hem edge. One on either side of the front seam. They were about an inch long. Not my fines work but serviceable.
Singer with pants.
The next bet of straight sewing was done with my 12 year old singer sewing machine. Using a straight stitch I sewed the waist and and leg hole hems.
fabric ruler and chalk
Next I cut out a long strip of material two inches wide for the waist tie.
Using the steam iron set for cotton I double folded the waist tie fabric and and pressed it really well. Then sewed it down.
elastic on waist tie
After sewing down the waist tie and finishing the edges I cut in half and sewed in a 2 inch piece of half inch elastic. This makes the pants fit more comfortably while lounging… there is a bit of give and they don’t dig in like traditional drawstring pants that are tied tight enough to stay on.
safety pin and button holes
After carefully cutting open the button holes I threaded the waist tie though the waist band using a large safety pin.
Puppy print PJ Pants
And done! Pants achieved.