Request for NWPP Reusable Bags

Have promotional bags from that event that got canceled?

Put them to use use!

Many reusable promotional bags are made of the same material as the outer layer of a surgical mask, Non-woven Poly Propolene (NWPP). This fabric provides droplet resistance which is very important. While no substitute for proper certified medical PPE, this project is striving to do the best possible locally.

Do you have any larger quantities (20 to 100’s) of these unused bags made out of this material? Please contact me!

Only the non-insulated bags work. Waterproofed bags are not viable. If you are not sure, hold it up and see if you can breathe through the fabric.

Bags can be brought to the Ace Monster Toys Makerspace warehouse location in North Oakland.

Read more about NWPP in DIY Masks

Email [email protected] for more information or to arrange a donation.

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Reusable NWPP grocery bag
Surgical style mask with a filter pocket made from NWPP bag.