Robot Ornaments


This year I wanted to spice up the ornament project. And I was thinking Robots… I love robots. These robots needed to be able to work for kids as young as 8. They also needed to be affordable and cute. It was also important to include a good does of customizability to them.

I started with a basic Robot form and some extras like a belt and hat… I figure folks would upgrade on their own. These are the basic forms I started with. I also used a couple of different magnets to make the battery holder. Both to hold the battery in and to act as a switch.

In the original design I used smd’s from adafruit but those proved to be problematic — not so affordable and the time it took to get a hold of them less than fun. They are a solid product though.

I choose to do this plushie ornament in ever so reliable polyester fleece. That stuff is soft, affordable and oh-so laser-cuttable.

The end result was cute robot ornaments… our first batch of makers put them together in November.

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