Style in my nerdwear


I like a good nerdy t-shirt. Unfortunately they are done usually with the graphic on the front in a really boxy format. Neither of which looks or feels good to wear. So I paired a R2 Shirt with a navy blue t-shirt of approximately the same weight to create a mash-up that was more fun to wear.

First I cut off the sides at an angle and then cut off the sleeves and collar. I spun the graphic to the back instead of the front and cut a v-neck in the front. I folded over about 1/4 inch of fabric and stitched it down with navy thread tin a wave pattern to finish the neck hole.

Next I folded the navy t-shirt in half and cut it off right under to the arm holes. These bits became the sides to my new top. I positioned them at an angle so that it made a triangle insert on the sides. I used the extra bits of navy t-shirt to create a contrasting cap sleeves.

 used a basic sewing machine and a serger, but I could have done the whole thing with just a basic sewing machine to make this project I. I also used tailor chalk, measuring tapes, and scissors to modify my two t-shirts in to one top I will actually wear. This project took me about 30 min. to complete.