Tool book No. 1

So I needed an easy neat way to keep my tools together and traveling nicely. I also wanted them to be able to slide into my working apron with ease or tuck into a project bag.

This first book book works really well. I have been a bit rough on it and I have yet to loose bits… so all in all I am pretty happy.

Closed view of Tool Book No. 1 for etextiles tools and components


View of the innards of Tool Book No. 1 for etextiles tools and components
View of the innards of Tool Book No. 1 for etextiles tools and components

I used this idea from Cosmo Cricket as the inspiration for the project.

I have two sets of tools that I need to keep together: e-textiles and serger tools so I am making two books. This tutorial outlines the first book of for e-textiles tools.


  • book
  • fabric
  • elastic
  • glue (fabric glue. Aleene’s drys in 10-15 min )
  • Closure (buttons, magnets  or velcro all work, you can also re-purpose old belts and handbags)
  • glue sticks
  • thread


  • tailor’s chalk
  • sewing machine
  • binder clips
  • box cutter
  • glue gun
  • iron
  • heat gun*

*Note required but nice to have.


Step 1: Find your books

Take your tools with you to the thrift store and dig through the piles of books until you have one that has a spine to accommodate the thickest tool and the area need to fit the rest. I tend to favor children’s books. This is what I found:


Step 2: Destruction and planning

Rip out the guts of the book… I like to save them to make random pop up cards and other bits of art… another reason I like children’s books the best.

Step 3: Prepare insert case

I chose to upcycle an old plastic box from a picture hanging kit i used up. I used the untily knife to cut off extra bits and cut slits for the thread I will be carrying.


[pic, pic]

Step 4: lining

Next cut out fabric to to cover the inside of the book with a .5″ seam allowance. Piece and sew any piece together you like to get the visual appeal you want. This is what I did.

Step 5: Inner security

You can use a combination of pockets, elastic and Velcro to hold down your tools. I used some corded elastic that I happen to have on hand. In the future I think I would go with flat elastic as it is easier to sew and lays down a bit neater.


Step 6: Installation

I used hot glue to glue in my straps and the guts of the book Going a little at a time and using a old credit card to mash it down.I struggled a bit with the glue coming through the fabric. I will be looking for a better glue down method in the future.


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