wrap dress pattern modifiction

So this stated from a pattern I made from a ready-to-wear dress I picked up. I thought this could look really cute as a wrap dress.

And here it is in action



No really here it is in action



  • Pattern paper
  • fabric
  • thread


  • Serger
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • pencil
  • ruler

This is how I modified the original pattern:

Skirt modification: folding back approximately 1/3rd of it and then cutting it twice to create the overlap.

Calculate the ties: I figured the length of the high waist front times x4. I made this tappered form with the tapper starting after the point where it met the sides. I also added seam allowance to the top and bottom so that the ties could be turned right side out.

Order of operation: In order to get the right finished edges without making myself crazy this is the assembly order.

  • Sew shoulder seams, gather and add stabilizer
  • Finish arm hole edges
  • Sew side seams of the top
  • Sew the left tie to the side of the waist band, good side to good side (do this twice)
  • Sew the right side of the the waist band, good side to good side stopping about 1 inch in and leaving and opening slightly smaller than the finished tie height (3 inches). Do this twice (you may want to do this on the lock stitch machine as it is easier to be precise)
  • With good sides together sew the entire outer edge of the ties together and turn right side out through the opening that was left on the left side
  • Sew the sides seams of the skirt together.
  • Finish the open edges of the skirt and the neck line
  • Sew the waist band to the top and skirt with the smallest seam allowance possible to be secure. Line up the side seams before sewing. Pay lots of attention to where the ties
  • Finish the open edge of the passthrough hole
  • Finish the hem line.
  • Wear you kick ass new dress

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