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box of masks with Leah

Can’t sew but want to help? Couriers, QC, and more needed.

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Washing and use instructions for Distill My Heart masks.

Mask-Making and Culture

I recently spoke at the Homemade Mask Summit hosted by Just Wanna Quilt, the Newcomb Institute, Tulane University, along with the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for… Read more

frayed fabric

Troubleshooting the Fray Issue

This post specifically addresses the Fray Issue that has come up when sewing the MasksNow Pleated Pocket Mask. Troubleshooting for this issue is going to… Read more

N95 Cover Sewing Tutorial

PDF of the laser files SVG of the laser files Read more


How to breakdown a t-shirt for mask ties

There are two ways to breakdown a t-shirt for mask ties, ties only or edge binding. This how-to post describes both. For ties only This… Read more