Interactive experience • Oakland Museum of Calforian, North Oakland, CA

Octopus Prime Mural

Acrylic on busted old fence board • North Oakland, CA

Stars Hoodie

A 360º Wearable

Renovated Cork Board

Giving new life to a truly thrashed cork board.

T-Shirt Kimono Tutorial

The softest and most comfy t-shirts turned into a Kimono

Alice in Wonderland Mural

Acrylic spray paint and acrylic heavy body paint on redwood fence-board.

Electric Sugar Skull

A DIY project kit

Overly Organized Gardening – Laser cut garden labels March 25, 2021

I don’t usually grow a lot of things from seed and almost ever edibles but along with many pandemic gardeners, I am branching out. I… Read more

Webinar Banner for OSMS
Strategies for Equity in PPE Distribution July 8, 2020

This is the deck I used from the Strategies for Equity in PPE Distribution. I spoke about how we create relationships with existing social support… Read more

pastic white diy shed and shelves
Hacked Ikea into a Shed June 28, 2020

So last weekend with the help of my friend Liz, I turned some Ikea Hejne shelves into a little shed for outdoor storage. I got… Read more

Mask-Making and Culture June 20, 2020

I recently spoke at the Homemade Mask Summit hosted by Just Wanna Quilt, the Newcomb Institute, Tulane University, along with the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for… Read more

frayed fabric
Troubleshooting the Fray Issue May 28, 2020

This post specifically addresses the Fray Issue that has come up when sewing the MasksNow Pleated Pocket Mask. Troubleshooting for this issue is going to… Read more

N95 Cover Sewing Tutorial April 17, 2020

PDF of the laser files SVG of the laser files Read more