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This is a collection of awesome tutorials that I have found. To make the cut, a tutorial has to not only be great but also something I personally would be willing to try. As I try each tutorial I will be sure to include my feedback in the comments.

frayed fabric

Troubleshooting the Fray Issue

This post specifically addresses the Fray Issue that has come up when sewing the MasksNow Pleated Pocket Mask. Troubleshooting for this issue is going to vary based on fabric thickness.

The issues

The leading edge of the pocket in the original instructions is not hemmed at the pocket opening and this can cause issues of fray especially in washing thick fabrics.

Mask pocket, with light fraying
frayed mask pocket
Mask pocket with heavy fraying post washing












Hem the double-folded edge at the beginning of the assembly between Step 1 and Step 2. This is what it would look like:


hemmed filter pocket edge

Hem the single-folded edge and nose wire pocket in one go at the beginning of the assembly between during Step 2. This is what it would look like:

example of sewing down both pockets at once
Sketch of fray solution
Sewing down both pockets with one line if stitches in the shape of a “C”








Hem the single-folded edge with a zigzag stitch at the end of Step 1. This is a good solution for thick fabric.

ZigZag over thick fabric edge.

Whipstitch the frayed edge. This is a good solution for masks that are already complete and that frayed in the wash. There are tons of hand sewing whipstitch edges tutorials on google. They will all work.

Glue… fabric. Depending on how bad the fraying is products like Fray-Check and other washable fabric glues can also be used. But I recommend this solution for the end-user only as you never know what folks are allergic to.