Dreams and the creative process

I was bipping around the internet today and it occurred to me that it has been ages since I worked though a truly creative idea when it came to fashion. There is a push pull that happens when you work under a deadline. In some ways the pressure is a wonderful fuel for getting things done.

I need time… time to go through second hand shops, explore techniques and really work on coming up with great ideas. Finding time is rough though. I think when it comes to critical thinking and true creative output I top out at about 10 hours a day. When I try to push past that I make lame wasteful mistakes that suck the joy out of making.

Someday I would love for this to be my day job… making art, publishing about creativity, hacking and re-use, and teaching. In the bay area that can’t happen without some kind of major money making enterprise or seed money. Or well a patron… which is almost as likely as winning the lottery.Until then I am going to work on creating “air” time especially in my Monday night workshops for experimentation.

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