dress pattern from ready to wear

This is the copy I made from a ready to wear dress.


So I spotted the polka dot dress at Ross and it fit pretty well… it was smidge too small. But not by much. It is what I call a great “standing” dress. As in it looks great standing but not as much sitting (or is too tight to be comfortable sitting.

This is the dress…polk-dot-OTR

I decided it was a great basic dress and that the work of doing the pattern was well worth it. When I copied the pattern I was wearing a range of sizes from off the rack but mostly a size 18. My measurements at that time were 46, 44(ub), 42, 54. And I am 5″1.

"the" dress in grey jersey
“the” dress in grey jersey
My first change was to make it a little bit more comfortable so I could use it as a work dress. So I modified the plan to eliminate the zipper and accomodate for lightweight knit fabrics. My first try was made out of a light grey jersey.

Psssst. If enough folks are interested (4 or more) I would be down with creating a PDF of the pattern folks could download (open source of course). Just comment below if you would be interested.

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