Quicky summer sundress

black and white floral sundress

When I made this one it felt totally like cheating. I used the pre-shirred fabric from Joann’s I got on sale. I couldn’t find a snapshot on the site but basically it was this but in the black and white pattern.

screen shot of joann.com


I used my dress dummy to fit the fabric creating the dress with one seam up the back. I used the excess fabric from the bottom of the dress to create extra wide straps. Most straps are too thing and either cut into me or don’t conceal enough of my bra. On me this dress comes to right in the middle of my knee. This fabric was about 3 inches shy of being able to make a max dress.

All together this dress took about 40 minuets to make, cost $14 dollars in materials and is super comfortable to wear.

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