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Robot Ornaments

This year I wanted to spice up the ornament project. And I was thinking Robots… I love robots. These robots needed to be able to work for kids as young as 8. They also needed to be affordable and cute. It was also important to include a good does of customizability to them. I started …

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Maker Faire 2014 Project: Plushie LED Bracelets: Sew your own electronics

Stay tuned for more designs! The closer we get to Maker Faire! Makers are invited to combine traditional craft and tech by hand-sewing a bracelet and using electronics to make it light up. During this 30-minute workshop, each participant will make a soft plushie bracelet using conductive thread, LEDs, and laser-cut fabric. Each maker will be given …

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basalmic tri-tip

This was a basic little recipe that went over like gang busters at the friday night cook out. Next time I will take pictures of the food. I promise 2 parts basalmic vinegar 1 part olive oil 5 or 6 cloves of garlic sliced think Salt and paper Cut the tri-tip into “steak” portions for …

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